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At Francis Communications, we realize that it often makes good business sense for organizations to outsource specialized communications functions. That's where we come in. Whether it's a one-off crisis management situation, a special event, a speaking engagement, preparation for an important media interview, or a short-term assignment on tight deadlines, we will work independently or with in-house resources, to provide seamless communications service. Our services include:


  Our Services

Strategic Communications Planning
We provide strategic communications counsel based on our extensive experience in planning and executing communications programs for clients in a variety of fields. Successful communications programs are based on sound planning. We offer our clients disciplined planning skills and a helpful external perspective underpinned by a thorough understanding of communications media and techniques.

Media Relations
The news media can be a powerful tool in reaching your key target audiences. Effective media relations programs are founded on sound planning and consistent messaging delivered through carefully targeted media. At Francis Communications, we develop customized media relations programs for each client that reflect their distinctive values, strengths and organizational culture. From the planning stage through to implementation, we'll work with you to build positive public awareness of your organization or event.

Media Skills Training
We offer a proven media skills training program that teaches executives how to use the news media to build positive awareness of their organizations. Our program focuses on message development and delivery techniques that will enable you to get your message out to your key target audiences. Each session is highly interactive and can be customized to the needs of individuals and small groups. Simulated media interviews are a key part of this program which has been successfully delivered to 100s of managers from leading Canadian organizations.

Issues and Crisis Management
We have a proven track record in issues and crisis communications management. Over the years, we have managed crisis communications for many clients in a range of situations, many of which have posed serious reputation management challenges. When a crisis occurs, we immediately bring our counsel and resources to bear on the problem. We combine an objective external perspective with the ability to develop the strategies and communication materials required to position the organization in the best possible light with its stakeholders.

Corporate Communications
We provide a range of corporate communications services focusing on both internal and external audiences. We believe that every communication put out by an organization should be carefully planned to assure that the right message is communicated to the right audience at the right time. The strategic counsel we provide assures that messages and media are co-ordinated to maximize the effectiveness of each communications initiative.

Creative and Technical Writing
We offer a variety of creative and technical writing services, ranging from employee newsletters, to executive speech writing and event scripting, the development of by-lined articles, and the development of texts for annual reports and other documents.